UpEasy Power Seat Electrisch


The ideal stand-up aid in the electrical version. The UpEasy Power Seat is an excellent and handy
mobile solution for people who cannot get up or have difficulty getting out of the chair. You do not need a
separate stand-up chair, just your own trusted armchair. No expensive investments,
but a cheap solution that can be used everywhere.

– flexible hand control on the right side.
– comfortable sitting on 3-quality foam layers, including a top layer of visco-elastic foam for good pressure distribution
– are easy to connect with a 3.5 meter long cable
– anti-slip bottom so that UPEASY can not slide off of the seat
– with the built-in handle easy to carry
– with removable cover with zipper, waterproof and machine washable

Step 1: To be lifted gradually, press the forward arrow on the hand control. Place one hand on the handrail for extra support.
Step 2: The UpEasy Power Seat stops at the height that you choose by releasing the button.
Step 3: Get out of every chair without any problems. The UpEasy stays up. To sit down again, press the back arrow on the hand control and the UpEasy will gradually lower.

Basic width 38 cm depth 41 cm.
Seat width 43 cm depth 48 cm.
Seat height open 26 cm closed 10 cm.

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