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Xpandasox® have an elegant and discreet appearance and can be worn in different ways:
– Wear over bandages and bandages and keep everything in place.
– Keep bandages and bandages clean and dry.
– Wear it at night to prevent the loosening of bandages and bandages.
– Wear inside out under bandages, bandages or braces. This prevents the seam from coming into direct contact with the skin and prevents friction.
– Wear over sized compression stockings for a discreet and elegant look.
– As a finishing touch to wear with every outfit.
– Available in various colors, patterns and sizes.

Height 33 cm.
Xpandasox® are machine washable and suitable for the dryer at a low setting.
Made of 61% cotton, 37% polyester and 2% spadex. The panel consists of 84% nylon and 16% spandex.

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Xpandasox® brings fashion and functionality together. Xpandasox® are innovative and latex-free socks that are stretchable up to 61 cm.
The stretchable and sewn-in Xpandapanel at the back is ideal for people with wide calves and medical conditions where the leg swells.
For use with lymphedema and lipedema, persons wearing bandages, bandages or braces, for wound care, and much more.

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