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The Atlantis modular wall brackets are made from strong, high-quality ABS plastic.
The ribbed surface ensures a good grip, even when the handle is wet.
This makes the Atlantis modular wall mounts excellent for use in damp rooms, such
as the bathroom.

With the various components in the range, the Atlantis modular wall bracket can be assembled as required. There are three different lengths of tubes, four different coupling pieces and two different end pieces. By combining the different tubes, connectors and end pieces, an angled wall bracket or complete railing can be made, for example.

Due to the unique knife and groove connection, no glue is needed to fix the parts together. The three mounting points of the wall bracket are hidden under a cover cap for a neat finish.
Always use screws with a convex head for mounting. Countersunk screws can damage the fixing points, reducing the load-bearing capacity of the wall bracket. Use stainless steel screws when mounting the bracket in a damp room.
The Atlantis modular wall brackets can be cleaned with usual cleaning agents, rinsed with water. Do not use aggressive agents.

Diameter tube: 35 mm
Distance to the wall: 50 mm
Diameter mounting plate: 81 mm

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