ELK Tilkussen


The ELK is a compact, battery-operated lifting pad designed to lift someone off the ground. If someone has fallen, they can slide on the pillow, or be rolled on the pillow and then helped to sit up. The ELK can be inflated by pressing a button. The fallen person is supported from behind by a caregiver to bring him / her into an elevated sitting position and is ready to stand up. Once the lifting is complete, you can deflate, fold and neatly store the ELK again.
The unique design makes it easy to take the ELK lift cushion with you, and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The ELK lift cushion is particularly useful for use in small enclosed spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom where other lifting aids are often not suitable.
– Designed for use with the help of a counselor
– Can be used in emergencies in confined spaces
– Easy to use, easy to fold and carry
– Easy to use
– Reduces the risks of moving and lifting patient education
– protects the back of caregivers
– Suitable for inside and outside
– Adjustable Airflow compressor

Maximum lifting weight: 450 kg
Inflated height: 56.5 cm
Inflated width: 57 cm
Inflated depth: 50 cm
Folded sizes, deflated: 62 cm x 26 cm x 11.5 cm
Weight: 3.6 kg

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