CAMEL Tilkussen


A practical solution for a daily problem.
For the patient, it can be an unpleasant and embarrassing experience to have to be moved or lifted. In addition, manual lifting techniques pose risks for the caregiver. The Camel is a lifting cushion with a built-in backrest. This allows people with a weight of up to 320 kg to be fully supported. The person only needs to be moved as little as possible and the caregiver is relieved optimally.

– Offers a safe, respectful lifting method for everyone
– Reduces the risk of muscle and skeletal injuries and the additional costs
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– Suitable for heavier and bariatric patients up to 320 kg
– Easy to use
– Battery powered and portable
– Developed to lift a person from the ground with the help of one caretaker
– Stowed in a small, space-saving bag

Who uses the Camel?
The Camel is commonly used in environments such as care homes, emergency services, residential care centers, hospitals, emergency services, and community care. The lifting pad reduces the risk of injury to professional care providers such as work therapists, paramedics, care providers, nursing staff and physical therapists.

When using the Camel lifting cushion, the guidelines of your organization regarding lifting and lifting must always be followed.

Maximum weight of user: 320 kg.
Maximum height: 56 cm.
Minimum height: flat.
Depth of the seat: 47 cm.
Back and headrest height: 81 cm.
Total height: 112 cm.
Width: 70 cm.
Weight of cushion: 3.6 kg.
Compressor weight: 6 kg.

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