Anti-slip douchemat


For extra safety in the shower!
– Soft and comfortable
– Strong suction cups for grip and grip
– Includes suspension hook
– Water permeable and quick drying
– Hypoallergenic rubber and latex free
– Without phenols or phthalates
– Easy to clean washable at 40 ° C and let air dry

Do not use on uneven tiles and textured tiles. This can cause the mat to come loose and this can lead to falls.

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The new StayPut bath and shower mats are soft and comfortable. Water permeable with a light structure at the top and strong suction cups at the bottom for support and to prevent falls.
The bath and shower mats are equipped with the unique PERformance material (Polymer Environmental Resin) from StayPut in combination with an antimicrobial component based on Silver Technology. The PERformance material is non-toxic and rubber and latex-free. Free from unpleasant odors and toxic chemicals or gases. The Silver component inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria. High anti-slip effect. Independently tested by various laboratories.

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